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announcement 2 | Sunday, 1 January 2012 | 16:24

Everythinginstocks is now...



Business isn't brisk so we decided to expand and reach out to a wider audience on Facebook, where many blogshops also operate and which many buyers access!

Add us on Facebook and we'll definitely accept! Items shown on Facebook are the same as the ones already shown on this blogshop (but may be subject to updates and thus newer items faster!).

Click here to go to our profile and add us now!



announcement | | 01:42

Hello potential customers of everythinginstocks!

School term is starting again and as such, I'll be a lot busier (understatement, seriously) with work and activities. I might not be able to check my email and reply as frequently as before, so please do be patient and wait just a bit longer if you haven't received a reply from me! Meetups will also strictly have to be at my convenience as I really can't afford the time to travel out of my usual route anymore. This means that I will not go to MRT stations for meetups that I am not heading towards or passing by at all.

This may or may not come as good news to you, but if things become really hectic (quite possible), I might even consider dealing by bank transfer and postage instead!

Apologies for the restrictions and wishing you a good 2012 ahead!


looking for | Tuesday, 27 December 2011 | 19:00


(Image credit)

- Preferably this exact piece, but hit me with any cute gold necklaces :)
- Instocks only, don't want to preorder :(
- Must be BN with no defects
- Trades please! If not, <$3.00 and able to meet at either Paya Lebar or Buona Vista stations.
- Hope to find it before CNY 8)

Hit me with cute rings/bracelets/other kinds of necklaces in gold too!

Thanks in advance! :)


welcome! :) | Wednesday, 16 November 2011 | 03:14

Hello and welcome to everythinginstocks, a blogshop run by a Singaporean girl trying to clear some of her wardrobe and make some extra money!
Please do support :D
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