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terms & conditions/things to note | Monday, 31 October 2011 | 15:15

Basically the same as any other blogshop you'll find out there:
  1. All prices stated are in Singapore Dollars (SGD).
  2. No refunds/exchanges for all items sold on this blogshop.
  3. No backing out once purchase is confirmed (or once we have started discussing payment and collection).
  4. Please do not go MIA! If you have lost interest in the item, please don't be afraid to inform me :)
  5. Trades welcome (only if I'm interested in your items)! But trade prices will be at S$5.00 top-up of cash prices for each item.   Priority will be given to cash deals, even if I've confirmed a trade with you. Please do understand as I'm trying to clear and make some extra money! :(  The only exception for this rule is if I'm really interested in the item I'm trading for.  If you initiated trades, meetups will be to my convenience.
  6. Bidding may occur if more than one interested party is interested in the same item.  The party who either a) bids the highest for the item, or b) can meet me first will receive the right to purchase it, irregardless of who expressed interest first.
  7. If there are two interested parties for trades for the same item, the item will either go to the party who a) has the item I'm more interested in, or b) is able to seal the deal earlier (i.e. confirm meetup date before the other).  Otherwise bidding may occur in the form of top-ups.
  8. Most of the items I'm selling here fit me well, my size is:
    - UK 8-10
    - NF 27-28
    (Please note that this is only a rough gauge and may not be accurate for all apparels!)
    However, but some items I'm selling are too small for me; I will state it there if the item is too small, so no worries :)  You can ask for extra measurements if needed, though!
  9. Negotiations are fine, but please be reasonable though!  I still have the right to reject your price if I find it too low :(  Prices can definitely be lowered if you're getting more items!
  10. Please clear all doubts before purchasing to avoid misunderstandings.
  11. Please inform me if you are using any of my photos, and take out all images with full credits.
  12. Colours of items may differ in real life due to the limitations of my camera and lighting, but I will try my best to capture the most accurate colour of the items :)
  13. Sold items will be removed asap to avoid confusion; status of items (e.g. pending cash deals/trades) will be stated asap so as to avoid disappointment.
Everything Instocks reserves the right to change the T&Cs without prior notice.
Buying from Everything Instocks means you have read, taken note of and agreed to adhere to the above T&Cs.
Failure to adhere to the T&Cs may result in blacklisting :(  (I really do not want to do so though!)
Please adhere by these simple rules and both parties will be happy :)