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announcement | Sunday, 1 January 2012 | 01:42

Hello potential customers of everythinginstocks!

School term is starting again and as such, I'll be a lot busier (understatement, seriously) with work and activities. I might not be able to check my email and reply as frequently as before, so please do be patient and wait just a bit longer if you haven't received a reply from me! Meetups will also strictly have to be at my convenience as I really can't afford the time to travel out of my usual route anymore. This means that I will not go to MRT stations for meetups that I am not heading towards or passing by at all.

This may or may not come as good news to you, but if things become really hectic (quite possible), I might even consider dealing by bank transfer and postage instead!

Apologies for the restrictions and wishing you a good 2012 ahead!